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Turn trading Into a Full-Time Career With our Mechanical Trading System

The Oracle is a comprehensive training program that teaches you how to trade the Futures market without any prior experience
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Your Oracle Membership:

  • Smart money concepts made mechanical
  • Execute with zero discretion
  • 90% bias accuracy
  • Trade alongside professionals
  • Day + Swing Trading Strategy
  • Professional Guidance
  • Smooth & consistent Equity Curve
  • Highly motivated community
  • Transition from trader to operator
  • Pass funding challenges with ease
  • Scale to 7-figure trading capital
  • Build financial independence
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Join a Trading Community that will hold you accountable

The Oracle is a proven mentorship program that teaches traders how to operate a mechanical trade generation system that focuses on high-probability trades based on institutional-level analysis.The Oracle Trading System™ has propelled him to become a full-time career trader. He is now ready to share his expertise with you. Learn our intraday trading style that uses the higher timeframe intention to build bias, which is correct over 90% of the time. Join our community of like-minded traders, access the coaching staff for support, and become consistently profitable. Your journey begins and ends here.
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Learn from Full-time Traders.

I'm Gio. Like many of you, I've spent the vast majority of the last several years of my life shaping my career in trading. It was an extremely difficult process, filled with blown accounts, failed funding challenges, due to a lack of understanding of how to learn trading. You read that right! Not just how to trade, but how to learn how to trade! And through my struggle, I built a system that allows me to consistently perform in the complex live markets. Now, I am offering it to you so you can avoid all of the tough and painful lessons I had to learn.

My mentorship program is specifically designed to help struggling traders like you overcome the challenges that you face. With my system, you'll learn how to prioritize high priority tasks (HPTs), avoid common pitfalls, and develop the discipline you need to succeed in trading. You will learn how to operate from the ground up, where you focus on building a strong foundation to support a stable career on for life.

Do you feel like you're running in circles? 🏃🏻 

So do most aspiring traders! The reality is that without a proper system in place and consistent daily processes no matter how hard you  grind you end up where you started! 

Our goal as traders is to be successful over many many years by applying consistent systems and strategies.

You see... 👇🏻

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You get the tools needed to create an unbreakable mindset 🧠

📊 Logical Trading System

Replace discretionary trading models with a consistent mechanical approach

📆 Consistent Trading Opportunities

Eradicate FOMO and poor monthly results from missing the 'one big trade' with regular high probability setups.

📈 Build a Smooth Equity Curve

Replace your inconsistent trading model with a consistent mechanical approach proven to achieve consistent growth in the long term.

🏦 Learn Trading as a Business

The Oracle guides you through the development of skills necessary to treat trading as a career, rather than a hobby.

📲 Unlimited Support

Ask any questions, beginner or advanced, and we will help guide you throughout your trading journey. 

🔭 Daily Market Analysis

Never go in blind; gain professional insights on the market before you start trading.

👨🏻‍🔬 Testing Process

The Oracle will guide you through the process of collecting data and harnessing it to make incredible advancements in trading.

🚀 Live Trading

Trade alongside a career trader. Digest the mindset of a seasoned professional working in a fast paced live trading environment.

🎯 Virtually Perfect HTF Direction

Learn how to read the complex market dynamics with simplicity. The Oracle Trading System boasts an incredible 90% Bias Accuracy.

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You get instant access to

Career Trading Blueprint

 Whether you're just beginning your trading journey or have years of experience, this course is tailored to suit your needs. We've organized our educational material to accommodate individuals seeking to evolve into funded traders by leveraging price-action and institutional liquidity concepts into a mechanical trading system.

Our course presents a comprehensive framework meticulously laid out in a seamless, step-by-step progression. We focus on completely shifting your mindset about trading. You will no longer see yourself as just a trader; rather, you'll see yourself as an operator.

80+ Immersive Video Lessons

60+ Hours of Step By Step Training

Interactive Chart Exercises + Walkthroughs

Mechanical Entry Model (Day + Swing Trading)

90% Bias Building Strategy

The Oracle Live

Dive in behind the scenes and study the daily processes of a professional trader.

You will receive:

  • Daily Forecast
  • Daily Session & Trade Recap Videos
  • Weekly Bias Building Videos
  • Live Coaching Webinars including: Q&A, Backtesting, Strategy Building, Psychology and much more!
  • Live Trading Webinars

Digital Trading Floor

This is where all of your questions will be answered.

Here you will:
  • Get professional feedback & support
  • Share trade ideas
  • Discuss testing & trade data
  • Network with other traders
  • Chill & hang out

We hope this will be your home for as long as you need us.

What can you expect from our community?

We believe in the power of consistency, accountability, and hard work. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to track and maintain your progress as you tran

Our community is built on the foundation of discipline and results. Our mentors lead by example, inspiring you to be the best version of yourself. We're not here to make false promises and tell you it will be quick and easy, but rather to support you on your journey to achieving your goals for years to come.

A new approach to trading

The Oracle doesn't consider itself a community of traders. We are a community of operators. Learn how to operate the Oracle Trading System™ to extract money from the market with minimal emotional input.

Progress Driven Community

A community fueled by each other's passion. We want The Oracle to feel like home for every trader, and that's why we choose to lead by example. We only win, if you win.

Designed to get you funded

We understand the opportunities available. So we've tailored our entire system to beating the prop firm, both Futures and FX.

Membership means unlimited access

 Anywhere, anytime, at any pace. You have access to our entire list of advantages to propel you further.

Oracle Elite Coaching

Limited Spots

Billed Once | Lifetime Access

  • Career Trading Course
  • The Oracle Live
  • Highly Responsive Discord 
  • 80+ Video Lessons
  • 60+ Hours of Step By Step Training
  • Chart Exercises + Walkthroughs
  • Unlimited Support
  • Daily Chart Analysis + Markups 
  • Trade Recap Videos
  • Daily Session Recap Videos 
  • 3 Live Meetups per week
  • Notion Data Collection Tools
  • Weekly Data Review
  • Weekly Tailored 1-on-1 Calls for 6 months
  • Billed once   

No bullshit, No false promises. Just pure action-driven results. 💪🏻


Tired of being let down by your past mentors? By joining us you open yourself to a new world of mentorship, without the fluff and the pretty marketing. We understand that trading is a long process and to succeed you need consistent and active mentorship.

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